Morningside offers Bible Study classes for all ages. Each class seeks to provide the opportunity to connect with others and build relationships while studying God’s word and thus building a spiritual foundation for life. Classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am. Please see the list of Bible Study opportunities listed below.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us an email at or call us at (850) 878.5503.

Adult Classes – Jeff Sellers, Minister of Education

Scott Mildenberger

Young married couples, couples with young children, young single professionals looking for a class with strong Bible teaching, community service opportunities and frequent fellowships are drawn to this class. Scott and his wife Staci are a dynamic duo and have four children. Scott enjoys learning & studying God’s Word, serving in AWANA, church drama presentations and other ministries.

James Coste

Married couples, in their 30’s & 40’s, with children who are drawn to large classes may want to visit the Coste Class. A lecture style which also encourages member contribution, make this class a favorite. Regular fellowships and an emphasis on praying for one another, encourage strong relationships among the members of this class. The focus of this class is to encourage individual spiritual growth resulting in members producing fruit in their daily lives to honor God. James and his wife Dawn have three children of high school & college age.

Tod Gilliland

This class is attractive to individuals and married couples at the end of child rearing, or who are in the early years of being empty-nesters. Tod’s teaching style is one that engages the mind, and challenges members to, “think outside the box.” Discussions can become lively in this class! If the idea of eating breakfast together, praying for one another, and discussing the Word is attractive, this may be the class to visit. Tod and his wife Tina have been married for over 30 years and have become grandparents.

Jeff Ard

Married professionals in their 40’s-60’s may be interested in visiting this class. Jeff Ard has taught this class for over 15 years. Jeff leads with an open discussion style of teaching and if you are interested in a class that often uses tools outside of the Sunday School curriculum to challenge your faith, then you will want to visit this class. He and his wife Lisa have two grown children.

Ric Carlson

This class is a group of individuals both married and single in the average age range of 60. Application related lessons sprinkled with discussion is the norm in this class. Ric accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 22 and has been involved in some manner of church service most of his Christian life. He and his wife Jan have been married over 50 years.

Jeff Sellers

The Sellers Class is a larger class of both married and single individuals. Jeff, Morningside’s Minister of Education, is a gifted teacher. Frequent fellowships and prayer one for another makes this class an attractive choice for individuals in their 50’s and up. Jeff has taught for a number of years and he and his wife Kelly, have two grown children and a number of grandchildren.

Men’s Class

Men of all ages and walks of life, whether single or married, attend this class. If you like the idea of becoming a part of a class compiled of men, this may be the class to visit. Taught by Brian Morris, this class focuses on learning, and applying God’s word in life as well as growing in a relationship with the Lord.

Ladies Class I

This Sunday School class, taught by Marie Daniel, has taken on the name “GEMS,” as we consider ourselves Girlfriends Encouraging Maturity in the Savior. We are a group of women of diverse backgrounds, life stages, and ages, but primarily just women desiring a weekly encounter where Grace and Growth happen, so we leave better equipped to Imitate Christ in our everyday life.

Ladies Class II

Ladies of varying ages love this class, and love investing in each other. Taught by Kathy Peck who after teaching high school math for 15 years retired in 2007. “One of the greatest blessings in my life is leading this class in Bible study each week.”

Joy Class – Senior Adult Women

The Joy Class is comprised of Senior Adult ladies, most of whom are widows or single. This is a lecture style class with some discussion. If you find a smaller class that loves to fellowship and take care of one another as a viable option, we encourage you to give the Joy Class a try. The class is led by Jessie Carpenter.

Martha Class – Senior Adult Women

The Martha Class’ attendance averages 12 on a given Sunday and is comprised of a mixture of married and single senior women. Led by Sandra Powers a vibrant, gifted woman who loves teaching and loves the ladies in her Sunday School Class. If you are a senior looking for a small class to plug into, then this class may be just for you.

Senior Adult Men

If you are a Senior male and like the idea of a small group of Senior men gathering for Bible Study on a Sunday morning, then this is the class for you. Led by John Martin, John and his wife Bert have been active members of Morningside since 2014, giving their time and talents to a myriad of Morningside activities.

College, High School & Middle School – Ross Decker, Student Minister (


Designed for those 18 years into their 20’s, this class is led by Ross Decker, Student Pastor for Morningside. Young adults will explore the Bible through a deep, discussion-driven format. Young adults desiring to be challenged to live out God’s Word in their lives whether at home, school or in the workplace will enjoy this class.

High School

High School Sunday School includes 9th through 12th graders. Our Student Pastor Ross Decker leads this group. Assisting him by teaching the high school boys is Gary White & Marshall Griffiss; Erin Decker teaches the high school girls. High School Students will learn how to live out biblical truths as they walk through the bible and discuss application for their lives.

Middle School

Middle School Sunday School includes 6th grade through 8th grade students. Our Student Pastor Ross Decker leads this group. Assisting him by teaching the middle school boys is Hank Vinson; Brandi Griffiss & Donna Bergeron teach the middle school girls. Middle School Students will learn the foundations of being a follower of Christ as they are taught biblical truths through bible study and conversations.

Children – Jamie Pafford, Minister of Children & Families (

Children will use fun and informative ways to connect with Scripture. Teachers will help students pull truth from Scripture and will lead students on a journey which will build a strong foundation for life transformation.

Our teachers are:

Kindergarten & 1st grade: Garth & Tiani Grumme
2nd & 3rd grades: Dale & Michele Elliott
4th & 5th grades: Jason & Ashlynn Adank

Children’s Church

Children, Kindergarten through 5th grade, gather upstairs at 10:30 AM for Children’s Church structured for their age, and is led by Jamie Pafford

Preschool – Carrie Pafford, Preschool Director (

For preschool children, newborn through 4 years old, Morningside provides Bible-centered curriculum that engages the very young child in giving thanks and praise to God. The Bible will come to life through engaging Bible-based, age appropriate activities and play, that are designed to continue the learning at home.

Our teachers are:

Roly Polys (infants) – Judy Tehan
Caterpillars (crawlers & new walkers) – Judy Morris
Grasshoppers (older 1s & young 2s) – Amy Raker & Brittany Pittman
Busy Bees (older 2s & 3s) – Christine Gilmore & Renee Hook
Fireflies (pre-K) – Janice Papy

Preschool Extended Session

Pre-School – Extended Session for Bed Babies, Walkers & 1 Year Olds, 2 & 3 Year Olds and Pre-K children.

Phone: 850-878-5503